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About Dental Exams

To help control oral health conditions before they get out of hand, patients should schedule a dental exam with our dentists at Imperial Oaks Dental Care in Spring, TX at least annually. During the dental exam, our dentists will use numerous diagnostic methods to check the health of the teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw for areas of concern. This generally includes a complete exam, which involves digital X-rays, a visual inspection, and gum probing. By performing dental exams, Imperial Oaks Dental Care can help individuals around Spring, TX take pro-active measures to slow down oral health issues in the early stages. This is the best way to give the patient a wider range of treatments that may be less invasive and more affordable.

What to Expect

A thorough dental exam will start with a discussion between our dentist and the patient. We will ask about the patient's health, including any current medications, illnesses or surgeries. Our dentist will ask the patient to find out if they have noticed any oral health changes. To get a complete picture of the patient's mouth, our dentist will take digital X-rays to view the teeth, gum, and bones. A visual check of the mouth with palpation will also help in checking signs of oral decay or disease. The probing tool will be used to check the condition of the gums by measuring the depth of the gum pockets and identifying areas of recession.

Treatment Aftercare

If our dentists find any areas of concern during the dental consultation, they will talk to the patient about possible treatment plans that may be performed at Imperial Oaks Dental Care or at the patient's home. Progress will be important so that the patient can continue to improve their dental health. If a patient has ongoing issues our dentists may suggest that he or she visit a oral surgeon or specialist.

Insurance Coverage

The billing coordinators at Imperial Oaks Dental Care will contact the patient's dental insurance company to consult with and confirm all out of pocket fees prior to the visit. Imperial Oaks Dental Care offers payment programs to help assist with the expenses.

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Prevent and Protect

Be sure to contact with Imperial Oaks Dental Care in Spring, TX to schedule your annual dental exam so you can keep healthy teeth and gums. With ongoing dental exams at Imperial Oaks Dental Care, our dentists can stay on top of with any subtle or major changes. This can save hours of time and discomfort, as well as avoid an extensive treatment.

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